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Hockey Stadium, Astana

The Astana Hockey Stadium was inaugurated in August, 2015. It is a multi-purpose arena located in Astana, Kazakhstan. It serves as an arena for the Continental Hockey League (KHL) Barys Astana. The stadium includes: 2 skating rinks, 1 Olympic swimming pool, 1 swimming pool. The Ice Palace in Astana is homologated and certified by the IIHF and FINA for the Olympic level.

The arena is composed of a main building with a circular diameter of about 150 meters which houses the playground for Ice Hockey, where the spectator stands and a number of additional functions are located next to the main arena. Area used to house the training field for hockey, basketball / football field, school sports and related ancillary functions, related to that is obtained using both terrain levels below level 2, with double elevation zones. In this way, the coverage of the sports areas is secondary to coincide with the raised platform surrounding the main arena, the level of access to the lower stand. Products that are incorporated in the project: Aluminum facade, aluminum doors and windows. System: Schuco FW50 + HI / Glass: Guard High Sun Selective. Client: Astana Hockey Stadium

Hockey Stadium, Astana

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